It was the time for the sunset,

It was beautiful all around,

I was walking on the path of roses,

Relying on the last sun-rays walking along.

I walked crossing a thousand waves,

The sea was deep, i knew I could drown,

But I was exploring the beautiful aroma of roses,

I was relying on the last sun-rays all along.

And then the darkness conspired,

Much before I could be home.

I expected my shadows to stand along,

But I guess they were partying around.

The walk back home was not soo easy

Coz the path of roses, became a bed of thrones.

A poisonous bed of venom,

I tried that I could run,

And I knew that the walk back home was not going to be fun.

I was thriving, I was running, I was fighting all alone,

I knew this darkness could consume,

It consumed the bed of roses, the path of venoms and the deep see I could dive in.

The way back home was not so easy,

I knew, I had to give in.


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