Only if u stay!

Come into my life

But only if you are here to stay

We will sit together and talk

Stories of nights and days.

We will talk of our problems

And how to solve them in numerous ways

With a cup of coffee and a piece of cake

We will talk of night and days.

And in the background as the music plays

We will dance in the symphony

Let’s fall in love in crazy ways.

Come into my life only if are here to stay.

In your arms I will be wanting to embrace

Only if the soul story is our case

Not just my lover, be my mom, my dad, my friend

Be my every face.

Come into my life only if you are here to stay.

Waters, mountains, sands and bays

Let’s travel together to every place

Let,s make lot of memories

That will forever stay.

Memories that won’t hurt in any way

Memories that will bring smiles and no hate.

Memories just yours and mine

Memories I would not have to share.

Come, let’s make them,but only if u stay.

If only!

If only life had second chances, I would go back and re-live each moment again.

I would re-live the memories in making,

I would re-live the smiles under construction

I would re-live the tears of separation,

I would re-live each and every moment spent with you.

If only life had second chances, I would go back and re-live the journey before the destination.

I would re-live that halt at every station,

I would re-live those hot cups of coffee and some crazy drives,

I would re-live those nights when I could go to sleep like babies,

I would re-live those shoulders I could rely upon.

If only life had second chances, I would go back and re-live those college classes.

I would re-live those crazy canteen times with friends,

I would re-live falling for the idea of falling in love,

I wish I had known, it’ll never repeat,

I would not alter but re-live it bit by bit,

If only life had second chances!

Broken pieces of my favourite toy!

Today I saw it broken,

Over the floor shattered,

I remember the times it was my favourite,

I remember the times everywhere I used to carry it.

Now I am sweeping it off the floor, all carefully so that I don’t hurt myself.

Broken pieces of my favourite toy!

Broken pieces of my favourite toy,

They teach me how important is it to detach to make new attachments.

Broken pieces of my favourite toy,

They teach me that life goes on and with time the wounds heal.

Broken pieces of my favourite toy,

They teach me that even our favourite things can hurt.

Broken pieces of my favourite toy,

They teach me that things once broken cannot be meant.


It was the time for the sunset,

It was beautiful all around,

I was walking on the path of roses,

Relying on the last sun-rays walking along.

I walked crossing a thousand waves,

The sea was deep, i knew I could drown,

But I was exploring the beautiful aroma of roses,

I was relying on the last sun-rays all along.

And then the darkness conspired,

Much before I could be home.

I expected my shadows to stand along,

But I guess they were partying around.

The walk back home was not soo easy

Coz the path of roses, became a bed of thrones.

A poisonous bed of venom,

I tried that I could run,

And I knew that the walk back home was not going to be fun.

I was thriving, I was running, I was fighting all alone,

I knew this darkness could consume,

It consumed the bed of roses, the path of venoms and the deep see I could dive in.

The way back home was not so easy,

I knew, I had to give in.


Even in my dreams

It was forever,

At least that is what he said.

The dreams were real,

I needn’t be aware .

He n i were meant to be,

Everything was beautiful like a morning sea.

Then how, then when ,his feelings changed?

How did he become someone soo strange?

On the dark nights, When I dint even have my shadows beside.

I had him n the times felt soo right.

When he said, “ I have you baby girl, everything will be alright”,

I closed my eyes n in his arms, I slept n I thought, here I don’t need an alarm.

That was I guess my last beautiful sleep,

As now you he scares me, even in my dreams.

For all the love they give

I am an educator. Every bit of my journey at work has been full of life. Being around kids is just soo much fun. A poem dedicated to them.

A soft whisper in my ears

A beautiful chime to hear

Their eyes just like a bright day sunlight

They make you lose your fear.

Every day when i see their faces

Giggling and wiggling from all the places

They don’t judge me if i am right or wrong

They just like to sing along.

No matter how sad the day has began

They always let me hop into their fun van

More than a class it feels like a gang of friends

They let the sadness pass, smiles and happiness they sieve

I want to thank my children for all the love they give.

Who will draw a line?

The world is a place with a thousand dimensions

Possibilities increase as the dimensions do.

Dimensions do as our desires do.

Some thing that is not possible in this dimension could be in another one.

Just a thought, what if switching could really be fun.

U never know, it could be roses or a gun.

I wonder how my life would be, could be, if I put it under all new perspective of situations.

With every second our mind gives rise to a several possibilities of what ifs.

What if we could actually switch between the desires and dimensions?

Would we remember what we left?

Would we ever be able to come back?

Uncountable desires, unconditional switching between the lives.

But then, who will draw a line?

Where the birds fly high

When my mind is in disguise.

O dear friend, take me to a place where the birds fly high.

When I doubt what is wrong or right.

When everything seems to be like a dark night.

O dear friend, take me to a place where the birds fly high.

Where sky sparkles,

Where water flows.

Where lush green trees help you forget the black and white.

Take me to a place where birds fly high.

When the days are dim and silences speak.

When there are a several judgements to make me weak.

Take me to the place where I can fly, high with those birds to regain my smile.

Was it my fault?

You were my most desired possession.

You were everything I could have ever asked for.

You were a dream come true, a life I always wanted.

Was it my fault if u lost me?

You came to my life when i was shattered in thousand pieces.

Was it my fault if u shattered me into thousand more?

Coz for all I know, even then I was strong to stand.

Even then I desired to love.

Even then I had glued my broken pieces to build a brick of our dreams.

Then how was it my fault that you left me into this?

And now when my friends and family advice me to be strong.

Give me words of wisdom and say it happens all.

They think I might take a step wrong.

No, I am still strong.

It wasn’t my fault and I am not going to let my mind assault.